About Scrnland

Scrnland is the premier platform for finance and distribution of film and series content. Our goal is the most straightforward DRM-Free media distribution, coupled to a robust crowd-finance platform. We are a singular service for both consumers of media and content creators alike.

For Lovers of Films and Series

Scrnland's goal is to provide you with the media you desire via DRM-Free digital downloads. We feel that distribution of films and series in this way respects the rights of the creators, while providing you, the consumer, with your right to take your content to platforms of your choosing. Furthermore, if you elect to fund a project that's listed on Scrnland, that project will always be available right here.

For Content Creators

Do you have a film or series project that you would like to fund and distribute? Perhaps you're looking for further distribution of a film or series you've already produced? Scrnland can assist you on both accounts - we provide an end-to-end solution for independent media finance and distribution. Our service represents the best platform available to not only fund your content but also monetize it.

Some benefits of the Scrnland platform for Funding:

  • Lower successful project fees than our competitors (2% + payment fees vs. 5% + fees)
  • A DRM-Free digital distribution model that allows your film or series immediate global availability
  • Ownership of the content remains with you

If you'd like to see a demo of our Funding platform or discuss distribution options further, please contact Brian or Matt.